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09 December 2010

My 10 new goals to accomplish in 2011

Look at the date of previous post, wow it's been a long time since the last one. I guess I've been so much into Twitter instead of telling my whole lotta story here. Follow my Twitter if you're up.

We all know 2011 is just 10-plus days away, and hell, I have to leave some of my targets undone. I literally think supply has never come across with my ceaselessly demands, the time when I own too much, I tend to want more yet I have limited resources to fulfill each of them. That's when I started to feel bad about myself, and yeah what's more if it's not money?

Incoming 2011, let's make something big in...
1. my career - I really wanted to work my ass off.
2. music - see if music can earn me a piece of living shit.
3. inner beauty - read more books, I really think book reading can acquire me wisdom. I want to be wiser in everything.
4. family - spend more time with my parents.
5. new shelters - literal and non-literal. House and someone.
6. travel - I would love to go Europe by the end of 2011.
7. belief - religion and work on every single negativity and get over it.
8. new hook-up - time to find a new interest, probably fishing? baking?
9. ego - I call it self-confidence, figure out the reason I'm living.
10. health - from inside out.

Let's count 2010 down and get new goals started...



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