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09 December 2010

My 10 new goals to accomplish in 2011

Look at the date of previous post, wow it's been a long time since the last one. I guess I've been so much into Twitter instead of telling my whole lotta story here. Follow my Twitter if you're up.

We all know 2011 is just 10-plus days away, and hell, I have to leave some of my targets undone. I literally think supply has never come across with my ceaselessly demands, the time when I own too much, I tend to want more yet I have limited resources to fulfill each of them. That's when I started to feel bad about myself, and yeah what's more if it's not money?

Incoming 2011, let's make something big in...
1. my career - I really wanted to work my ass off.
2. music - see if music can earn me a piece of living shit.
3. inner beauty - read more books, I really think book reading can acquire me wisdom. I want to be wiser in everything.
4. family - spend more time with my parents.
5. new shelters - literal and non-literal. House and someone.
6. travel - I would love to go Europe by the end of 2011.
7. belief - religion and work on every single negativity and get over it.
8. new hook-up - time to find a new interest, probably fishing? baking?
9. ego - I call it self-confidence, figure out the reason I'm living.
10. health - from inside out.

Let's count 2010 down and get new goals started...


01 August 2010


Not long ago, I tweeted about what gets my nerves of getting inspired and being able to inspire. People always find something to keep themselves going, regardless of what it is, probably a pep talk, a song, a movie, an artwork and so forth. It could possibly define that human are "fragile" in nature, in a psychological way. This is why people tend to look for their "cures" - something inspires or not-to-give-up thematic pieces to make sure they are alright.

Whoever gets defeated will then stand up for their own sake after some brainwashing inspiration. It might take you some time, but there are so many people turn their life into a commitment, not to be defeated. Getting inspired from all kinds of sources is a long process, it's a bless of making us to be a little bit wiser and stronger.

What about people who inspires? Does he fall to get inspired too?

I would say we all are human, we give and take, but what incrivel (Portuguese, means "incredible") about the fact is people who inspires need 50 inspiring stories putting together to inspire one or none of the personality. However, there's no need to worry about, you've done enough to inspire people around you. Think twice, have you ever once or twice aroused your friends to like what you like. That's already a great kick off of inspiration. What's more incrivel to inspire people with your own passion? Doing something to keep people back on the track, that's probably priceless, classy act!

If getting inspired is something blessed, then being able to inspire is even more blessed. Keep inspiring people!

-Steve with so much blessings-

11 July 2010

Bag secret revealed?

I'm quite a bag person, like you'll see me carrying my big pack everywhere, at least a water bottle is in my bag even going for a walk. So when it comes to buying a bag, size is my priority.

Size really does matter!

Let's see what's actually in my bag...

1) Tumbler
This aluminium tumbler is a must in my bag. I drink a lot, I mean water, like a fish. I just bought it last month because I've used too much of Spritzer bottles. And green is always my favorite!

2) Prudential Date Book
Thanks to Samantha who brought me this useful stuff. I always have lots of plans and a long to-do list, this book absolutely cut off the hassles before I forget them.

3) Pencil Case
I'm pretty sure this one has already been with me for over 5 years. I write a lot, too! With my pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, highlighter, marker pen, you can even find some mailing stamps in it.

4) Phone (Nokia 5610 XM)
I bought this on December 2007, and it looks old now. So desperate to buy myself a new phone, a Blackberry, maybe. Obviously, I bought this because I love listening to music.

5) iPod Touch
This is my new favorite, another must in my bag. I literally won't go out without my iPod. I can hardly get bored with those games and most importantly, I can check on my Facebook with this gadget whenever there's availability of WiFi, too!

6) Dental Floss
I need this one after my meal. Some people might bring along the mouthwash for oral care, but I only need this in my bag.

7) Book (currently reading - Tipbook Vocals: The Singing Voice)
This book is awesome! The singing concept is so easy to understand, from beginner to intermediate. I read it whenever there's time I have to wait for that poor RapidKL bus.

8) Umbrella
"Now that it's raining more than ever..." I couldn't be more agree. This umbrella is like an insurance, you wouldn't know when it's gonna rain.

And of course, I must bring along myself. LOL!

-with lots and lots of positivity-

20 June 2010

Album Review: Bionic, Christina Aguilera

After a 4-year hiatus, Christina Aguilera is eventually back with her highly anticipated new album, Bionic! I couldn't be more excited about the release, and of course it's already here with me. Its deluxe version 3D cover art is so amazing, Xtina's robotic half will be disappeared when you turn the CD a little bit.

I really heart what Christina has done all these while, she has had numerous #1 hits debut album, she has done revolution from her teen pop and gone for a "stripped", she has thrown back in tribute to all of the 20's, 30's and 40's musicians in Back to Basics, she has been in the scene for over a decade and now she's back doing futuristic. She's 29 and I truly think she has already tried all aspects of music possibility. She really defines her flexibility of doing everything, simply everything! Who could ever do great Ballad, R&B, Hip Hop, Classical, and even Electechno at the same time? Christina Aguilera did!

Bionic, in store out now.

Going futuristic is the new direction of Electechno music, collaborating with a whole new persons like Tricky Stewart, Polow Da Don, Le Tigre, Ladytron, you might not be used to her new materials, but when this pair of big pipes sing, it all makes sense, it's so hard not getting into attention. Everything blends so naturally and right with her voice.

My personal picks: Bionic, Not Myself Tonight, Woohoo, Desnudate, Glam, Prima Donna, Lift Me Up, You Lost Me, I Hate Boys, Vanity, Monday Morning, Bobblehead and I Am (Stripped).
(OMG, almost all of the tracks are my favorites!!)
Definitely worth you a listen! Thumbs up~

All review is by me, Steve.

19 May 2010




“Yeah!” 學生們歡呼。







老師那一頁該輪到我寫了。第一次有資格寫“共勉之”。原本想像其他小學生一樣寫"About me", "金玉良言"之類的,可是還是要裝有老師的威嚴啦,哈!



18 May 2010

Kicking off my first day of working

I know it's a bit too quick to work right away my finals ended, I mean I only managed to get myself like 4 days to catch up my holidays, but it's fine, for me working doesn't mean I do not have anymore time to be in that relaxing zone, as long as I'm doing the right things or something I never get tired to do forever.

If you happen to know something about me, you'll know that I love kids. Speaking of my new job, I'm so not ashamed to tell my friends I'm currently working in a tuition centre in Taman Megah, it's more like a tuition care centre which you need to give homework guidance at the same time. The working hour is more or less similar to the other 9 to 5 personnel, from 8:30am to 5:30pm specially for morning and afternoon sessions. There are only primary school students in the centre, so I'm taking responsibility of those Primary 3 and 6 students, whom some of them may be rebellious at this age.

Of course, I'll never get enough of working like the other 9-5, this wouldn't be my only job. I'll also take my night time to sing at Station One in Uptown Damansara for twice a week if nothing goes wrong. And also, coaching weekly vocal lesson in Setapak on Saturdays. Having 3 jobs at once might sound a bit tiring, but it's all what I enjoy better than those intern days, the key is what you really enjoy doing of. I'd rather shout “I'm freaking tired but I'm happy" than "I can freaking sleep in my workplace, but I'm not happy." I personally agree with what Uncle Chye said, we are so used to trap ourselves into these so called "tradition", study - graduate - work in stable for 30 years - retire - die. Why not doing something creative instead of "you're born graduated a Broadcasting course, and your lifetime career will be sticking your butt on the director's chair", duh, it's so cliche! Think it twice, we can do more than that. I'm really grateful that my mom and dad are able to see what I see, they just let me do whatever I feel right to do, and c'mon I'm just 21 about turning into 22, world has much more things to explore.

Tell me what you think, and I guess it's time for me to go to work now, ciao!

-with much more love-

07 May 2010

My Recent Loves

There are damn lots of songs in my head right now, it's no way for me to list every single out, so I'm gonna highlight a few of them which worth you a listen!

I'm so addicted to dancey tracks on the past few weeks, it's probably because of my final exam, so much tension going on, making me a little dirty. Thanks to Christina for her long-anticipated "dirty comeback", she's so damn hot! I can't really wait until June 8, is there any way I can drive myself to that day?

1. Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera

I gotta tell you this isn't love at first sight, the song didn't impress me much at first, not until I saw its music video. The video is so hot! Although I'm not really that into dancey music most of the time, this just couldn't get outta my head. I can catch every single word right now, but I have to make sure my tongue don't get knot into one. Go Xtina!

2. Parachute - Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole might not be as good singer as my girl Xtina, but this track is a massive hit. Her new single "Fight For This Love" is even topping the local chart now, see how well can this X-Factor co-judge do in today's music scene.

3. Gravity - Pixie Lott

Pixie is another newcomer in UK music industry, and she's only 19. This song has a catchy hook, I guess this is how the name "Gravity" came from. I love her husky voice, and I've watched some of her live singing on Youtube, I can say this young girl can definitely sing her lungs out. Ballad "Cry Me Out" from her debut album "Turn It Up" is oh-so worth you a listen.

4. All Night Long - Alexandra Burke feat. Pitbull

A big congrats to this former X Factor winner, Alex has finally beaten outside the Kingdom and this song is on the Billboard now! Let's hope she is able to share the career success with her ancestor of the show, Leona Lewis. The song featuring Pitbull has made the song hilarious and more current to top the chart. Alex can definitely make something big!

And hell, I'm gonna graduate and work so soon, so so excited! I can't wait to get my car license right after my exam is fucking over, because my car is waving his hands welcoming me to drive him away! Aww~


16 April 2010

Free, Uncertaintee, Glee

Finally get myself some time to write, write, write. So happy that these relaxing days have eventually come to me, I couldn't be more exciting to just slack at home for whole day doing nothing but surfing the internet. Speaking of slacking, although I know my very last final test in my Uni life is around the corner, this also indicates I'm gonna have to move on with my whole new working life which would probably get me in real busy. So please allow me to be geeky for a few more days before I go into my study business.

In my current situation, confusion and uncertainties do not seem go easy on me, I need to think of my future (although I don't really want to!), the possible way of living I'm gonna be in. I can feel that this is only what we called "the beginning stage of life". Decision-making, or rather say which path should I turn to, has never been this difficult until now, (Crap! Should I use Potter Box decision-making model that I've learned to resolve the issue? LOL!) I gotta keep telling myself this is just a process, cross that barrier Stevie. I love my life.

And hell, I have something to share to you. Glee is what I'm obsessed with lately, it's a musical series, the Glee casts usually cover a few songs on each episode. My personal favorite is Episode 5 featuring Kristin Chenoweth, the song 'Maybe This Time' is a piece of shit, I'm addicted to this kinda musical-bluesy-jazz genre. It just worked well with those vocal acrobatics. I swear I watched the snippet over and over again for more than 10 times, so breathtaking! For the Glee fans, it's glad to hear that Glee new season is coming back after months of hiatus. Yay!

I guess I'm done writing. It's gonna be a fun week with full of blessings, let's hope the best is yet to come our way.


07 April 2010

Lost then found

It's been a while since last update. I apologize.

Is everything alright? Ermm.. kinda fine, at least I'm still blogging now. Not to mention bad things happened on last month, both my personal desktop and my bro's laptop screwed up, same hard disk problem in different timing. Life without my PC was the worst moment I've had, I stayed at my uni campus a bit longer just to spend less time sitting in front of my broken PCs and daydream it. And I've been in this living hell for one whole week, seriously, you wouldn't want to feel how I feel. But being an optimist, it's like years I've never been able to sleep at 10pm, thanks to my broken cases for making this early a possibility, walking towards a healthier life, duh~ LOL!

Thank god black holy March came to an end, and here comes my savior Aaron (Uncle Chye's roommate) to the rescue, and I'm back and alive! I certainly know how it feels when regaining what you've lost, this is such a blessing, and trust me, it feels really good with whole lotta appreciation.

My poor internal hard disk burnt. The smoke came out from my CPU was frightening!


12 March 2010

For the singing people out there

I never realized there are so many people who are passionate to the music as much as I do, and I was even thrilled to see a lot of friends have such enthusiasm in singing. I'm so honored and being grateful at the same time to have a group of singing people having fun playing the song together. We all know singing is an art, so I guess this is how an artist should start. Being humble with minimum expectations, and ready to open your heart from those sharing.

I want to thank you for loving music, it does make your life a little bit beautiful. Am I freaking right?

Most importantly, I'm so looking forward to see more from these singing people.

-with enthusiasm and love-